Jackie Theis Real Estate
LA Real Estate Professional


Based in West Los Angeles, our real estate sales team delivers beyond full service. Previously having a career in real estate design and development, we share our extensive experience with property owners, both residential and commercial.  

In preparation for sale, we have creatively assisted nearly all of our clients with re-designing, repairing, and remodeling their home. Depending on your needs, we can easily navigate within your budget constraints.  After all, large differences can often be the result of a small amount of effort.  We will help you learn what that difference could be.


Assist sellers maximize profits

Clients benefit from our design + build experience. We'll help re-style your home and manage home repairs, landscape, paint and remodeling. No detail goes unnoticed.

Collaborate EXPERTISE WITH investors

Our builder clients will often have us assist in their decision making process. Especially with regard to final design decisions; those that help maximize profit and salability.

Support buyers post-purchase

Our concierge service will help address potential concerns the buyer may have. We have the expertise, contacts and referrals to assist in remodeling your new home.

Sell previously "difficult to sell" homes

By using our vision, design and flipping experience, even a homes most challenging aspect can be overcome.  


Our effortS yield larger returns

We generate creative solutions that are directly beneficial to you.  We have assisted, nearly all of our clients, either re-design, repair and even remodel their homes in preparation for sale. Depending on your needs, we can easily navigate within your constraints.  After all, large differences can often be the result of a small amount of effort.  We will help you learn what that difference could be.

Benefit from our experience & knowledge

Our experience is unique, as we were previously a partner in a Design + Build development firm in Venice.  We are credited for pioneering high-end, custom designed renovations and new builds in the Venice area, during the early-mid 2000's.